A Real Christian Home Business...
With A PURPOSE !!!!
Earn the Income You Need to Reduce Debt, Build Long Term Wealth,
Give to your favorite Charity!

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 Our mission at
Spread The Word:
To expand the Kingdom of God by offering spiritual and economic resources that help Christians fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

Our goal:
To help Christian families, churches, and ministries realize their goals.    One way we do just that is through a turn-key, e-commerce Christian business opportunityour online Christian bookstores.

Real Testimonials

"Better Prices"  - Jeff

"A Costco For Christians" - Leeza

"A Christian Community"  -  Steve

"My Testimony" - Todd

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Here's What's Great:

Over 150, 000 items available

NO STOCKING items in my home!





Our company takes care of all of that

Friends and family can buy Christian Books, Bibles,
Videos and more...  FROM YOU!

 Latest studies show:
 Close to $13 billion a year are spent on Christian Products including books, Bibles, and music.


88% of those dollars are NOT going to
Christian Families, Ministries or Organizations.

88% of $13 Billion are NOT going back to people like you and me, NOR to the churches and organizations Christians support.

How Do You Feel
About That?

"With one income and a stay at home wife, I needed a little extra income.  With small children, I wanted to stay home more.  

When I saw Spread the Word, it was a No Brainer!"  

No Stocking
No Shipping
No Merchant Account
No  Credit Cards Processing
No Overhead

"I always wanted to own my own
Christian Bookstore.

Now I have one at a fraction of the cost of  a brick and mortar type store."   Quinn Mitchell, CT

You can buy items at a discount price from YOUR OWN Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore!

Some discounts are even more than 30% of list price.

PLUS ...

Learn how Spread The Word will give you $150.00 instant cash.


More than likely, you buy Christian books and Christian/Gospel music...

Why not have your own store?
... and buy from yourself?

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In 2004, Spread The Word paid over $1,000,000 to Christian families, ministries and churches that own our online Christian bookstores.

Here's what other Spread The Word Store owners are saying ...
“Spread The Word has changed me as person as well as changed my life. Not only do I have the opportunity to make money as I work at home, but for the first time in my life, I am now able to participate in short-term mission trips and get life-changing products, particularly Bibles, in their own language in the hands of people all over the world.”   Pamela, MN

“We have received thousands of dollars for our ministry on just an initial investment ...  We now have a network of 60 online bookstores in only nine months.” Robert and Joyce, WA

“What a wonderful blessing Spread The Word is to my family and myself. The tremendous value of becoming a Registered Member and owning our own online Christian bookstore continues to grow on a daily basis. We simply share, show and invite others to join us in this ministry and the Lord gives the increase.”     Alan, WA

“I love Spread The Word. I love being able to buy product from my own website
and to share with others. I know it is a good company to be affiliated with and I am proud to be a part of it."    Margaret, AR

“Everyone at STW has been so helpful and I feel like I’m part of such a wonderful ministry. I look forward to the weekly conference calls, not only because I continue to learn so much from them but because I also love the excitement I hear from everyone when they talk about their STW experience.”
Janet, NJ

“Spread The Word has been a positive witness as a real, genuine Christian business opportunity.  From the great staff support to my own sponsor, to other bookstore owners and the sales directors.”    Jeanne, CO

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We are A Real Christian Business...

With A PURPOSE !!!!

Why not save money and buy at a discount price?

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Earn Income
You can make $500, even $5,000 a month, working part-time or full-time in your own Christian business.

Ministry Funding
Put an end to constant funding pressure by creating residual revenue through passive giving.

Answer God’s Calling
Leave your secular job and find spiritual fulfillment through a vocation that answers God’s call.

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see for yourself!

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